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Canadian Scratchers are Scratchers who live in Canada who mostly speaks Canadian English and Canadian French. (Most Scratchers who speak Canadian French live Particulary in Quebec.)

One Example is MiaFan2010 (KatieCadet2012), a Canadian Scratcher who does a lot of programming in her spare time.

Implementations in Scratch 1.4

Canadian Scratchers who speak Canadian French now have a new language suggested by some Scratchers. The first Scratch program to use this language is Scratch 1.4.

Implementations in Scratch 2.0

With the final release of Scratch 2.0, The Canadian French language is embedded in the Scratch 2.0 Website.

Misconception Words

Most Canadian Scratchers sometimes usually say Eh as an interjection from the Canadian English Language. Also the word [Wikipedia:Hoser|Hoser]] is sometimes an unpleasant person or a replacement for the word Loser.

These words are references to Bob and Doug McKenzie on the CBC Sitcom TV Show Second City Television.

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