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'''Canadian Scratchers''' are [[Scratcher|Scratchers]] who live in [[Wikipedia:Canada|Canada]] who mostly speaks [[Wikipedia:Canadian English|Canadian English]] and [[Wikipedia:Canadian French|Canadian French]]. (Most [[Scratcher|Scratchers]] who speak [[Wikipedia:Canadian French|Canadian French]] live Particulary in [[Wikipedia:Quebec|Quebec]].)
One Example is '''MiaFan2010''' (KatieCadet2012), a Canadian [[Scratcher|Scratcher]] who does a lot of programming in her spare time.
== Implementations in Scratch 1.4 ==
Canadian [[Scratcher|Scratchers]] who speak [[Wikipedia:Canadian French|Canadian French]] now have a new language suggested by some [[Scratcher|Scratchers]]. The first Scratch program to use this language is [[Scratch 1.4|Scratch 1.4]].
== Implementations in Scratch 2.0 ==
With the final release of [[Scratch 2.0|Scratch 2.0]], The [[Wikipedia:Canadian French|Canadian French]] language is embedded in the [[Scratch 2.0|Scratch 2.0]] Website.
== Misconception Words ==
Most Canadian [[Scratcher|Scratchers]] sometimes usually say [[Wikipedia:Eh|Eh]] as an interjection from the [[Wikipedia:Canadian English|Canadian English]] Language. Also the word [Wikipedia:Hoser|Hoser]] is sometimes an unpleasant person or a replacement for the word '''Loser'''.
These words are references to [[Wikipedia:Bob and Doug McKenzie|Bob and Doug McKenzie]] on the [[Wikipedia:CBC|CBC]] Sitcom TV Show [[Wikipedia:Second City Television|Second City Television]].
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