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Welcome to the Scratch Wiki Articles for Deletion page. As the information the Scratch Wiki grows, sometimes old articles are no longer needed, new articles are later merged together, or other articles are accidentally created. Here, editors can discuss the deletion of these pages. You can participate in the actual discussions on the talk page—this page just explains some of the rules, and guidelines you should follow while considering what actions should take place.

Contributing to Discussions

insert info about being kind/using wikietiquitte, as well as how to use the discussion page

Common Reasons for Deletion

Some reasons for deleting articles are more common than others, or don't require as much consideration. While we still require a discussion to take place before articles that fit these criteria are deleted, this list can be used as a general guideline.

File pages

Files that are duplicates of pre-existing files or have lower quality than a pre-existing file that have been unused for many days may be deleted.
Corrupt or empty image
Files that are corrupt or empty may be deleted.
Useless non-media files
Files uploaded that are neither image, sound, nor video files, are not used in any article, and have no foreseeable use on the wiki.

Category pages

Unpopulated categories
Categories that have been unpopulated for many days and that do not by their own nature become empty on an occasion (such as Article Stubs).
Renaming or merging
Categories that have been moved or renamed due to spelling errors, author request, or community discussion can have their incorrect counterparts deleted.

User pages

User request
Personal user pages and subpages (but not user talk pages) may be deleted upon request by their user. Note that there may be some circumstances when the page needs to be retained.
Nonexistant user
User pages of users that do not exist (check Special:Listusers) should be deleted.