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This page lists the users on the wiki and what topics they specialize in. Feel free to add what you specialize in! be specific — if you write pages about the paint editor, you specialize in -scratch paint editor-, ect. This page helps editors find other people that specializes in a topic to start space for them, or ask specific users to help elaborate on a page!

Name User group(s) Specializes in... Short description
KrIsMa Autoconfirmed users, Users Specializes in the Scratch Wiki and writes articles about the wiki itself.
Jvvg Experienced_wikians, Autoconfirmed users, Users
  • Wiki-related topics
    • Bots
    • Wiki specification
Turkey3 Autocomfirmed users, Users
Scimonster Administrators, Autoconfirmed users, Users
  • Wiki administration
    • Updating news and featured content
    • Dealing with protection
    • Showing new users the right things to do
Mainly works from the sidelines now, instead of making large content edits