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Malwareboat.pngTEH AWSUM MUSEUM OF WAFFLEZ!!! OMGGGGG!!!!!Waffle Emoji.png
Made by a bunch of fluffeh kittehs for Kaj
0 articles since deleted on April 1st 2006
News and Stuffz
16th January 2018 — Chris P. Bacon as Scratch Curator
Chris P. Bacon has been chosen as the second curator on the Front Page. Feel free to congratulate Chris on his profile! 🥓
11th January 2018 — Scratch Team will not retire
The Scratch Team scrap their plans to move to the Moon and are now co-developing Scratch with Kaj.
9th January 2018 — Waffle Museum opened
Kaj created a waffle museum and put it on this site. Due to this, Kaj gained 999999 followers.
4th January 2018 — Scratch Cat's favourite movie banned for being a 12
The movie Catventure was banned for being a 12. Kaj discovered that and the movie was banned.
2nd January 2018 — The Internet will be closed on Fridays
Starting from the 6th, the Internet will be closed on Fridays because everyone in the world will be too busy eating waffles to even turn on their computers. It will still be open 24/6. Scratch, including the offline mode, will also be closed due to this.
27th December 2017 — Kaj as Scratch Curator
Kaj has been chosen as the first curator on the Front Page. Feel free to congratulate Kaj on his profile!
26th December 2017 — Scratch Team Retired
The Scratch Team has retired and given the duty of continuing the program's development to Kaj. The bunch of fluffeh kittehs will move to the Moon for the rest of their lives in February.
30th November 2017 — Traces of Scratch Creator
Scientists on Antarctica have found strange footprints and think they are the creator of Scratch's (who is also Scratch Cat's mother). She fled to Antarctica 6 years ago and is now unheard of, although Scratch Cat had been seen hugging someone of his species there.
5th October 2017 — Scratch Application Released
The long-desired Scratch app was finally released for Android and iOS. The app features a colourful blue link to the main website, acting as a shortcut for mobile browsers.
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Scratch Cat Hat Blocks
Dancing Scratch Cat.gif HatTime.PNG
Scratch Cat's favourite dance. Hat Blocks for everyone!!!!
The Scratch Wiki
The Scratch Wiki is a random waffle museum and wiki that provides mostly misinformation about Scratch, as well as exhibiting very old waffles found on the website. The Scratch Wiki is an extremely popular source for April Fools' humour, and it continues to grow as Scratchers use it for putting down random stuff on pages and thieves steal its waffle exhibits. Read more...