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About Me

Hey, I'm JJROCKER from the Scratch Website. I am currently an active forum and TBG user and I am a Scratch Design Studio Curator. I am always helping out on all parts of the site so you will always see me around no matter where you are on the site. I don't go on the Wiki really often like some, but when I do, I usually help a lot. I find it pretty difficult to beat people to some things :P

Since I am a SDS curator, I can help you with any questions you may have concerning the Scratch Design Studio. I also have the ability to add your projects to any SDS gallery including the one where you make a project to propose your ideas.

I also help out on all parts of the site so if you have any questions at all, don't be afraid to ask me on my newest project, on one of my forum threads or even here on the wiki!

I am also...

83% Wiki ogre

9% Wiki gnome

4% Wiki fairy

4% Wiki elf

I am also a Wiki Teen

My Scratch Story

I was an advanced tech student at my school. I had been doing lots of Illustrator and Flash before I had found out about Scratch and I was acing everything at the time. One day, I was really ahead of the class and I asked the teacher what I could do. They told me that I could start on this program called Scratch. My teacher showed my the program and right away, I found it pretty neat. Sure it was nothing like Flash but I still found it pretty cool. Right away, I started doing my assignments in the program and I was doing really good and I was successful on every project I did. I made the normal jumping cat project, the bouncing ball project, a pong project and a shark vs. fish game. I had a really good time with Scratch.

I started getting so ahead of the class the teacher actually stopped me from getting any farther ahead because she didn't want me too far ahead of the class. Even though I was basically done with Scratch in class, that did not stop me. I went home and downloaded the program and continued learning more and more in Scratch.

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