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== References ==
== References ==
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<references />

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Welcome to this page about the SPA! You can find the SPA here! This page contains information about our history and our future!



On February 6th 12:33 AM Scratch time (EST) Hellounicorns2 created the SPA[1]. A minute later he/she made another post with info for shops with all of the BBcode [2]. Another minute later was how to join post [3]. And after that the list of shops post [4]. Two minutes later and there was the voting system post[5]. And then the laws post[6]. And it went on for 11 posts post [7].
Note Note: All of the posts originally said ‘This is under construction’ as hellounicorns2 was on the bus at the time. They then added information and told a few friends a few minutes after they hopped of the bus. (Just a fun story)

First Shops

The 1st shop to join was Minimart run by SwordieTheCoder [8] , Hellounicorns2's best friend. The second shop in the list was the Space Shop (which is run by hellounicorns2), however it was actually the first member but second due to technical reasons. The third shop was the Effect of Effects run by GrahamSH[9] (which has now been removed[10]).

Please add more in here!


There are now 19+ shops[11]

Our Hierachy

The following members are a fundamental part of the SPA:

Owner/founder: hellounicorns2

President: poppybunny

Vice President: CuteKawaii59

Secretary: PercyJackson217

Head of shops: Ncro2005

Head of non-shop members: SwordieTheCoder

Head of SPA News: python_megapixel

Head judge: GrahamSH

Judge: python_megapixel

Judge: dt100

Judge: IggyandCassie

Judge: MasterOfTheTiger

SPA Subsidiary Organisations

SPA News

Created by hellounicorns2 and currently run by python_megapixel, SPA News is a newspaper for the SPA. It publishes news about what is going on in the SPA and Scratch in general, as well as competitions and polls.

New Shop Nurturing Program

The New Shop Nurturing Program or NSNP was announced by hellounicorns2 in a new law (section 10) proposed shortly after the first presidential election. It allows members of the Scratch community who want to start a shop to choose from a selection of pre-made templates and receive assistance from the SPA until they can continue on their own.

Shop Ranking Program

The Shop Ranking Program or SRP is a partnership between the SPA and python_megapixel's Shop Review Shop. The aim is to give shops ranks and awards to strive for.

Collaboration Partnership Association

The Collaboration Partnership Association, or C.P.A. for short, is an extension of the S.P.A. for the Collaborations section of the Scratch Discussion Forums. It was created by Bla-Games, with permission from hellounicorns2[12]. You can find out more here.

People who have contributed to this page!

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Bla-Games (talk | contribs)


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