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Hi! I am just a Scratcher that loves elephants. My username is EIephant_Lover, not Elephant_Lover. The first "L" (after the very first letter, "E") in my username is actually a capital "i". The user Elephant_Lover was already taken, so I decided to use a little trick. I wish I could change that, but you can't change a username. This causes a bit of confusion, but, to be honest, I never thought I'd make it this far on Scratch! I go by EIephant_Lover, Elephant/EIephant, and she/her.

Note Note: I am not trying to impersonate anyone.

Go to my talk page to leave me any questions or concerns, or even just a welcome!

About Me

In General

Hi again! I am EIephant_Lover. I am a past FPC and (obviously) a Scratch Wiki Editor. My user icon is by the Scratcher idrisidris. I like lots of animals (especially dogs and elephants). I am an ENFP-T and a campaigner according to the 16 personalities test. I recently have been learning different programming languages, like JavaScript and HTML5. I have also been recently programming in MIT's App Inventor. I have an alternate account called consonant. I do tests and share simple, unfinished, or glitchy projects on this account. On my main, I share my larger projects.

My Favorite Things

  • Color - Purple/Pink (I can't decide)
  • Animal - Elephant
  • Sport - To watch, ice hockey, to play, none XD
  • Emoji - 🍨
  • Type of project - Games
  • Book Genre - Realistic Fiction
  • Movie type - Kids, family, humor


On Scratch, I like to do all sorts of projects. I enjoy art projects (though I'm not very good at them), games, stories, and simulations. I enjoy to watch animations, but I am not an animator. Here are some of my projects:


I own a few studios, and I curate many. Here are some of my own studios:

Note Note: Look below for information about the above studios.

Note Note: The above studio is not the official Propose Projects to be Featured studio.

Current Events

My events in a nutshell: Not much is going on right now :P


  • I am not hosting any contests of my own.
  • I am in the finals for Scratch's Got Talent, hosted by rainbow_waves.

Other Events

  • I have my own logo shop, which can be found above under Studios. Go to this project for more information.
  • I'm currently hosting no other events. If you have a suggestion, leave it to me on my profile!

Outside of Scratch

Outside of Scratch, I do stuff that I'm not going to share (I don't like giving out personal information). I guess I'll say I play with my pets and watch television. Mostly, I play Scratch in my free time. Also, I'm super excited because it's almost summer here in the northwest of the world.



  • (Past) 282nd FPC (cut short one day ;^;)
  • Scratch Wiki Editor with 575 edits
  • 300+ Followers (Yay, thanks everyone so much!!)
  • Curated x6 - Thanks wWSunPandaWw, smartzx, DragonLover379, okapicoder, 16cmack, and BeatleManiacLily! (One curation on alt, consonant.)
  • Featured x1 AHHHHHH
  • What the Community is Loving x1
  • What the Community is Remixing x0
  • Trending/Popular x1
  • 100+ Forum Posts
  • 900 Points on the Scratch Wikipediholic Test


Not much at the moment. Wait, is "atm" an acceptable abbreviation for "at the moment"? If so I'd use it a lot. But it does look like a money machine (ATM). Apparently, making boxes and templates and things is not my strong suit. I broke a lot of talk pages...


Right now, EIephant_Lover is feeling...

idea-less Forum Smiley - Straight Face.png


  • Thanks to jvvg for help around the Wiki.
  • Thanks to kenny2scratch for help as well and keeping my edits in line.
  • Thanks to --Waterfall-- for some formatting from this page.
  • Thanks to bigpuppy for the sidebar code (which I've edited).
  • Thanks to idrisidris for my logo (on my sidebar).

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