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In the face of pain there are no heroes.

– George Orwell, 1984

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About me

My Profile Picture

Hey there! I'm Drunken Sailor, a Wiki Contributor who is dedicated to helping others, whether it be on my profile, on the forums, or on the Wiki. :D

I'm a British Citizen born in London, but I have since moved elsewhere in the country. I have Scottish, Irish, English, and French DNA in my blood.

I like...

  • Editing Scratch Wiki articles. :D
  • Programming
  • Scratch especially
  • I also know Logo[1]
  • I am learning Python (Thanks Ken!)
  • IT and Computing
  • Music
  • Science
  • I am especially interested in Space[3]
  • Other Sports
  • Especially Football (Soccer), Badminton and Cricket
  • Pizza, Steak and hot dogs especially. :P
  • Minecraft
  • I never play pure survival, I like to either experiment with redstone, build stuff, or play online.
  • Binge watching YouTube
  • Creating secret text that no-one can rea- Oh.

My Favourite...

  • Colour: Blue
  • Food: Pizza... MMMmmmm
  • Pizza topping: Chicken and Sweetcorn
  • Animal: Wolf
  • Sport: Trampolining
  • School Subject: ICT
  • Board Game: Risk
  • Video Game: Minecraft

Some random facts about me

  • I'm 12 years old
  • I'm a ✝ Catholic ✝
  • I'm a Huffledor![7]
  • I play the Guitar[8], but I can play the Keyboard a little and I used to play the Recorder and the Ocarina
  • I like everything to be symmetrical (My OCD)
  • I speak English, but I am learning French in School

Stupid things you guys have said

Even my server's more prpfessional

– banana


– banana

consider yourself obliterated

– Damp Towlette

I managed to hang nano

– ken

Sometimes life gives you lemons. Other times life hits you directly in the face with a watermelon. Always wear goggles.

– Moist Towlette

How does one eat tea?

– jvvg

ny brain dfied

– banana

I see you like the Big Boss of the wiki with ken and martinsomething

– flapyness

I'm ready for plan B too, the B being for "b"an

– jvvg

But I never mkae mistakes$ how dare You say that1

– pianogirl84


  1. I even created my own Scratch project that simulates it
  2. I own two RP's: The hugely successful Cops and Robbers RP, and Top Secret RP
  3. My Space Quiz
  4. Regional Competition coming up!
  5. The Forum Helpers was once renamed The Forum Meme Helpers because me and WolfCat67 made so many memes. :P
  7. Yes, that means I'm half Hufflepuff, and half Gyryffindor
  8. My favourite song to play is How Would You Feel (Ed Sheeran)