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Rectangle using pen.GIF

The dot used for drawing with the pen. This is magnified by a lot, and the dot doesn't have to be this small.

The script shown will render a rectangle using the pen extension.

It sets the pen to "down" (so it draws wherever the sprite goes) and moves a sprite - a very small dot to draw with the pen.

The custom block has an option to run without screen refresh which allows the script to run almost instantly. Therefore, you won't have to wait for the pen to travel down the screen.

Pen tips and tricks

  • The pen can be drawn when a sprite moves between 2 places using go to x () y () as if it is actually just moving very fast. You don't need to use move () steps to draw.
  • Quick drawing is important, so you should add your pen script to a custom block that has "Run without screen refresh" checked. If the pen doesn't render quickly and you are making a game, the pen may not be able to keep up with the game.
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