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[[File:MyLogo.png|18px]] <span style="color:#FFFFFF; background:#DC381A">Customhacker ([[User talk: Customhacker|talk]] | </span>
<br> [[File:Customhacker Logo Blue.jpg|20px]] <span style="color:#3498db">[[User:Customhacker| <span style="color:#3498db"> '''Cυƨтσмнαcκεя''' </span>]]([[User talk: Customhacker|<span style="color:#3498db"> '''тαʟκ''' <span>]] | [[Special:Contributions/Customhacker|<span style="color:#3498db"> '''cσптяıв''' </span>]])</span>
[[User talk: Customhacker|talk]]
[[User Contributions: Customhacker|contrib]]

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