Hi! I'm a boy who loves to code, ride my bike, and swim. I love editing the Scratch Wiki. If you need to contact me, please do so on my talk page.

About me

I'm a boy that has been on Scratch for 1.5 years. I joined Scratch in June 2017, and the Scratch Wiki in June 2018. I have made 2,767 edits and have been active since I started editing.

On the Wiki, I...

I make a lot of mainspace edits which are mostly to correct mistakes and make small fixes. I also make a lot of talk page edits, to remind users about their edits, Wiki news and problems, and new proposals. I also help newer users about editing.

I am currently cleaning up the wiki, fixing random articles and sometimes creating new ones.

On the Wiki, I've...

  • Made many redirects. That was a long time ago when I was new to the Wiki.
  • Moved a lot of pages to where they belong
  • Fixed edits of newer users
  • Become the most active user. At my peak, I had over 900 edits in the last 30 days.
  • Made 3.0 Articles, which helped the transition to Scratch 3.0 a lot. I got this idea from when I noticed how crazy the move from Scratch 1.4 to Scratch 2.0 was. I wanted the transition to be smoother, and it was!