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{{Note | These only include the normal workers, they are not part of the notifier team or the Board of Directors.}}
{{Note | These only include the normal workers, they are not part of the notifier team or the Board of Directors.}}
# @DragonLord767
# @OwenRich
# @OwenRich
# @Struggling_Demigods
# @Struggling_Demigods

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Note Note: Please only edit if you're a member of T.I.P.S.! Please do not edit war!


Visit Us Now!



We are a Scratch shop.



We are the third biggest shop on Scratch, biggest open shop on Scratch, biggest active shop on Scratch and still growing!


We are super-active and the biggest active shop on Scratch. Our average growing speed is 1 page a day.


We have almost one year in history. We will celebrate on the 30th of August for the 1-year anniversary.

What Makes us Unique

Our Workers

We’re humorous and kind, funny and nice, reliable and quick.

Our Banners/Logos

We’re known for our fast and beautiful banners and logos. We have super-good reviews on our banners.

Our History

Our history is long and interesting and you can see it below.


Boxes are special packs that are delivered within 24 hours!




We do not join currencies of any sort. This is out of the question.


We are currently not part of any federation. We are independent and will only join if the federation helps greatly.



Needs 100 pages at least. 20 orders completed. Needs banner. Only shop owner can request partnership. 10 workers at least (unless not hiring).


We will stick together and help each other in times of need (e.g. inactive-ness, orders too hard, spamming, not enough workers).


Before Opening

Before opening, T.I.P.S. was a studio where congyingzhou invited people to be workers. The majority of the workers did not join due to the confusion of shops and forums. But a few did and they formed the backbone of the early growth of the shop.


T.I.P.S. opened on the 30th of August, 2018. At the start it was all the information squeezed into one post. There were the basic forms and worker count and points, but there wasn't an order count or a Board of Directors. There were 10 departments, ported directly from the studio.

Early Days

In the early days of T.I.P.S. the shop grew slowly and there were few orders. There was no 'Unclaimed Orders Center' and few workers. The first customer was Gwideon. @Alex11345 joined, and became a main supporting pillar of the shop. The first activity check was held and it only said 'please respond before 15th or you'll be fired' and nothing else. The second activity check was more advanced and had a list of responded and not responded workers, and only resulted in a strike if the worker did not respond.

The Big 10+9=21 Meme Trend

This was the fourth/fifth biggest trend in T.I.P.S. and the first major one. Started by @legoboy7107, he claimed that 10+9=21. Lots of people said 19, some people said 21, and a select few said 0. It's the first meme trend in T.I.P.S.

Pages 20-30

The Ending of the Big Trend

What stopped the giant meme and math trend was a post from the user @MasterGenius_Youtube. It was further fueled by the vote held by @legoboy7107, who started the trend. The memes shut down and were moved to the T.I.P.S. memes and math chat. But it was closed down by the Scratch Team due to reasons.

New Main Workers

@pinkiepie710, @MystreyTurtle96 and @WarriorCatLover1212 (now known as @Panda_Gamer1212) joined and were very active, becoming main pillars of T.I.P.S.

New Activity Check

The third activity check was held and it was kind of like the second one expect for more workers and different date.

The Block Trend

There was a medium-sized [scratchblocks] trend during page 20-30 where users showed off their [scratchblock] skills by posting all kinds of blocks that were not in the project page. The trend was started by @Alex11345 and died down after 5 pages for no reason.

The Creation of the 'BBcode' and 'Signature Help' Departments

The departments 'BBcode' and 'Signature Help' Departments were created on the 30th page, and congyingzhou became the chiefs of both departments the day they were created.

The Creation of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors was created, which was inspired by the Emerald Shop. The early BoD had the positions: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Marketer, Secretary and Assistant Secretaries. The members of the BoD were @Alex11345, @KDT123, @legoboy7107, @NinjaCraft16, @AuraFox12 and @aaa253 respectively. The BoD was created somewhere between pages 25 and 30 but it's so important in T.I.P.S's history it earned a part of itself, instead of being under the 'pages 20-30' title.

The Drill

The drill started on the 31st page to simulate if a worker mistreated a customer. @congyingzhou intended to reply to the 'rude' comment posted by @r_hello, one of congyingzhou's alternative accounts. But @Alex11345 responded to the comment and reported @r_hello as a drill which was even better. The vote was held by @congyingzhou and in the end 'no punishment' won.

New Board of Directors Spot

The spot 'assistant marketer' was added and @Aurafox12 took it's spot. 'Assistant Secretaries' changed to 'Assistant Secretary'. This happened on the 33rd page.

The First Banner

The first banner was made by @wafflelot- on the 33rd page.

The 60 Second Demon

The 60 second demon originated from @congyingzhou's post on the 35th page. It's the second biggest trend in T.I.P.S. and spread outside of the shop, through a lot of topics in the Requests forum, and a lot of shops started using it. Banner were created about it too. It even earned a place on the page Scratch Trends.

A Banner made about the 60 Second Demon

The Creation of the Unclaimed Orders Center

The UOC was created on the 36th page with inspiration from the Emerald Shop. But it held no orders for a long time but came in use later on.

The Creation of Boxes

The boxes were created on the 37th page with inspiration from the 870shop and a suggestion from @Alex11345. @NinjaCraft16, the secretary at that time, supported the idea so the boxes were introduced to the shop.

The Creation of the Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions were created on the 41st page and were to inform the applying workers of the rules of the shop and our ways. The applying workers needed to type in a code word in their worker form. The old code word was 'Cong Read'.

The Changing of the Code Word

The code word was changed at about the time of the 45th page because the old one was too strange (not that the new one's not). It will not be shown here for secrecy reasons.

50th Page

On the 50th page there was some minor celebrating, some people saying oof (not related to 50 pages), but nothing grand.

The Big Order Collab

On the 51st page @Dittothewobly posted a huge order and @Alex11345 hosted a studio for the order and @congyingzhou created a collaboration topic for the order. But this sort of thing is not recommended. It's better you make some things yourself, instead of ordering an entire complicated game system. Or you could split it up to several forms. The order collab died down since it was too hard.

The First Vote

The first T.I.P.S. vote ever was held on the 62nd page. The ‘Assistant Orders/Events Manager’ spot was vacant. There were 4 hopefuls and at last @wafflelot- won at 5 votes.


What we Do

We’re a general shop, we do everything. But there are certain things we’re faster and slower at, better and weaker at.


We’re fast at those and they’re beautiful!

BBcode/scratchblocks/Signature Help/ASCII text

We’re super-fast at them and very up-to-standard!


Very fast as long as it’s less than 10 ideas and not too complicated.


Very fast, very detailed.


Fast, OK quality.


Fast and good as long as it’s within 1000 words. We don’t offer entire chapters or anything more than 3000 words.

Voice Acting

Depends on requirements, if we have the workers that fulfill the requirements, then fast, otherwise not.


Depends on variety. Faster at certain things. Quality depends on type of coding.

Music/Sound Effects

Depends on the kind and simplicity.


Fast if simple. Slow otherwise.


OK if it's just a simple one. Probably won't get done otherwise, animations are hardest for us. This includes GIFs and intros/outros.

Staff Members


Normal Workers

What they Do

Take and complete orders, advertise and bump the shop, answer customers' questions, help and support us.


  • Worker
  • no more


Note Note: These only include the normal workers, they are not part of the notifier team or the Board of Directors.
  1. @OwenRich
  2. @Struggling_Demigods
  3. @GoldenPC611
  4. @meowmeow824
  5. @-DancerRJV-
  6. @AFNNetworkK12
  7. @partypalace
  8. @culverkwan
  9. @dude341
  10. @SketchyAni
  11. @coolcatcool2
  12. @Zigdev

Board of Directors

President of T.I.P.S. - Congyingzhou First Vice President - Alex11345 Second Vice President - Panda_Gamer1212 Secretary - Jbrow78 Assistant Secretary - Legoboy7017 Marketer - NinjaCraft16 Assistant Marketer - FollowCherryBlossom Adviser - Vacant Assistant Adviser - Vacant

Notifier Team


First Post

What people see when they first come into the shop. Banners and main links.

Support T.I.P.S. by giving an internet. Totally optional.

Ban List

A list of people who can't be a worker/order at our shop due to specific reasons (e.g. spamming, being rude).


A list of shops which we have partnered with.

The Emerald Shop 3.0


Milestones we've achieved.

Worker Form

Fill in this form to be a worker!

Terms and Conditions

Read the Terms and Conditions to become a worker. There's a code word included.

T.I.P.S. Extensions

T.I.P.S. extensions.

T.I.P.S. ‘We-Need-Help!’ Station

You can take orders here without being a worker.

Points and Payment

See how the workers get paid and how the point system work. It abides the Scratch rules, don't worry :)

Worker Stuff

See here for stuff about workers. Includes rules for accepting workers, board of directors, notifier team and list of workers and scores.

Unclaimed Orders Center (UOC) Format

This is the UOC format the secretary follows while updating it.

Excused List

A list of excused workers. You can be excused for up to one month. You will not get any strikes in the 'excused' period.

Ordering Form

Fill in this form to order!

What we Do

This is a list of what general services we offer and the speeds of them. You can find the quality here too.

Advertising Station

You will be lined up to be advertised here.

Terms of Service

Read this post before ordering. There is a code word included that you need to fill in.


List of special packages that are delivered within 24 hours!

Customer Service Survey

Fill in this survey after your order has been completed!

Reporting Form

Fill in this form if you see someone being rude, or doing things the wrong way.

Orders T.I.P.S. has Taken

A list of orders T.I.P.S. has taken.


Special thanks to these people that have contributed to this page!

Congyingzhou (talk | contribs)
Panda_Gamer1212 (talk | contribs)


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