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Thanks to @ajsya for the 'talk to me' box!

My Name

My nickname on Scratch is 'Cong'. I did not choose it, it just evolved in my shop and most people call me that now. My username is an imaginary continent on the planet Calam full of the peaceful species Alpha Maraudi in a three-star system in the galaxy Andromeda. I later developed the story 'Cong' is the leader of the stabalization of the supernova thingy.


  • 4400+ posts
  • Owner of third biggest/biggest open shop on Scratch
  • 370+ topics posted in
  • no popularity at all in form of projects
  • VERY POPULAR IN REQUESTS FORUM (like, it would be in chaos if I left)


Trends Started

Page _____ no edit and 60 second demon, two biggest trends in the Requests forum.

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