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scratcj 3.0 - banana439monkey 2019
scratcj 3.0 - banana439monkey 2019
You've gotta yank it out, and deyank it in again - banana439monkey 2020
It's generally accepted as internet screaming - Saiid
It's generally accepted as internet screaming - Saiid

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Status: I'm starting to install MediaWiki and host full-on wikis for people. Please ask on my talk page if you want a wiki.

Hello there.

Hello there, my um... evil low power friend. I can't wait to take your power. Um, I mean meet you. Oops, I'm on a totally different world today. Welcome to my userpage. This page (and any of my userspace) is better viewed in vector mode. If you are not in vector mode, click here to temporarily switch to it. If you are here because I have reverted an edit, or proposed one, please open a topic on my talk page.

Username banana439monkey
Joined Scratch: 11th November 2014 15:45 (GMT)
Joined Scratch Wiki: 5 May 2015 23:50 (GMT)
Country: United Kingdom, West Midlands
Nickname(s): Banana
Achievements: Scratch Wiki editor, computer geek, owner of a long and confusing topic, owner of an ITopic, owner of a shop, owner of two sticky topics, past owner of a wiki, owner of a Minecraft server, built own computer, Wikipedia editor.


Heyyy. I'm banana439monkey. I'm a male Brit Monkey who loves food, computers, games, space, social media and hardware. I'm a wiki editor and have been since 2015. My favourite colour is red. Mostly, I programme in Node.JS, but during school I programme in Python. However, I know HTML. I used to be active in the Requests and Bugs and Glitches. I play songs I have an obsession with on look. MediaWiki, the software this wiki runs is also an enjoyment. It's fun and is flexible. I'm a random person who comes up with random things. I'm stupid. I love Discord. Anyway, I'm pretty insane and I'm insane enough to say I'm insane enough to admit that. I also like dark theme, and wherever I can, I switch to it. In my spare time, I enjoy working with materials (definitely wood), creating projects and being a sound/lighting technician.


Okay, you're probably wondering how I joined Scratch, right? No? Carry on then.

Anyway, for those who are interested, I joined Scratch through an after-school code club. I volunteered with this code club and came along. I didn't notice the registration letter said it was using Scratch until I came along. The academic year before, however, I was pondering about what this programme, installed on our computers, called Scratch was. I opened it and noticed you could draw. I then came to a conclusion that it was an art application, like Inkscape and immediately closed it. After about five minutes of this code club, I created my first account; banana349monkey. I didn't realise about the twenty-four character password limit and went a bit... ...well, cuckoo with the password. When I got home, I couldn't log in. And so, I made banana439monkey a week later. Then, I noticed the existence of the Scratch Team, through speakvisually. Good old chap. Anyway, it was some time before I had actually interacted with him. I then started to interact with more and more of the community. And then now. Well, now. Much more mature than the awful nine-year-old and still learning. How far have we been, friend?

Facts about me

  • Apple products are awful.
  • I take little interest in sports, but I do row.
  • I hosted Edible Wiki.
  • I have four computers; Two running Linux, one on Windows and one set up to pent boot into a choice of two copies of Windows 10, one copy of Windows 8.1, Linux Mint and Ubuntu MATE.
  • If I bump into you in real life and you identify yourself as a wiki contributor, chances are I'll talk to you for a pretty long time.
    • Referring to that, if you somehow turn up where I live, I'll also do that, though chances are I'd probably also try and beat you in a game I have.
  • I exist.
  • I'm random.
  • I'm found like everywhere.
  • I have an old non-functioning Nokia 3310.
  • I built my first computer at eleven.
  • I'm a gargantuan tech enthusiast
  • My exploration involves creating a whack ton of projects.
  • My brain is more brick than brain.
  • I'm bored.
  • If you don't know my gender, which is pretty uncommon, I'm male.
  • La Même French people? Anyone?
  • My handwriting is, as like Jacob's, pretty bad.
  • I'm lazy.
  • I believe in repair and repurposing. If something has no use to you, give it or sell it. If something's broken, repair it. If something's broken beyond repair (things like laptops, say), tear it down or give it to an enthusiast to tear down. It's what makes today's and tomorrow's IT technicians.
  • I can't list any more stuff.

My favourite things

  • Colour - Red
  • Minecraft server - My own → Gameplay
  • Phone - Asus ROG Phone (not that I have that)
  • Person - -redacted-
  • House - None → I'm not a Potterhead.
  • Sport - None → I'm not sporty. I hate it.
  • Programming language - JavaScript
  • Scientific name for specific items - Dihydrogen Monoxide → H2O
  • Game - Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  • Software - A narrow choice between MediaWiki, and Atom.
  • Code editor - Visual Studio. I've used Atom before, however. It's more painful to look at, though.
  • Computer I own - This is difficult. → A computer I built at the age of eleven, with 20GB of memory, an Intel Celeron processor, a 500GB hard drive and an Asus H170-M Plus motherboard.
  • Motherboard manufacturer - Asus
  • Font - Expansiva
  • Operating System - Windows 10 → I use the operating system too. I also like Windows 8.1. → Mac sucks.
  • Shell - Bash
  • Number - 6 → Why not?
  • Phrase - Why not? → Cuz why not?
  • County - Cambridgeshire → I prefer that to the county I live in now, Worcestershire, just because I was born there, and it's amazing, but it is very expensive.
  • Fruit - Raspberry
  • Theme - Dark
  • Lyric - Mes amis entendaient la vie que j'ai eu

What I do on the wiki

I really don't do an awful lot on the wiki anymore. I, however, do talk on the Community Portal and aim to do more things on the wiki in years to come. Every once in a while, I check the Community Portal's archives to see if we have no runaways

What I have done on the wiki

Made Welcome
Made Broken
Made mistakes :P
Discussed many things
Requested pages to be protected
Pointed out our runaway
Fixed grammar errors
Talked a lot :P
Patrolled edits

On the wiki, I am

A user
A person who has entered three times in the EW elections without success
A user of custom signatures
A person who reads all recent changes
An experienced wikian

Outside of the wiki, I am

The proud owner of a Minecraft server
Proudly cuckoo
An easy identifier for terrible handwriting
A slow worker/runner (in fact, as a legal requirement, I qualify for 25% extra time in exams)
Great at grammar
Bah, je ne sais pas (but you're not having me anyway :P)
The owner of multiple bots not on this wiki
A Minecrafter
A Forge user (Minecraft mod loader)
A toaster
A Chrome user
A person in existence
An autist (believe it or not, it's no joke!)
An idiot :P

My favourite quotes

haven't you been on for a log time? - banana439monkey 2015

Can I get a brain? - banana439monkey 2016

ivy gridge - banana439monkey 2017

I can't read your face - banana439monkey 2018

scratcj 3.0 - banana439monkey 2019

You've gotta yank it out, and deyank it in again - banana439monkey 2020

It's generally accepted as internet screaming - Saiid

The existence of the word existence is in existence because it is in existence, therefore it is in existence and can defy existence - banana439monkey 2017

Blow test successful! - Paul Heimlich 2015

That's a profit mouth - TheEpTic 2017

I'm a sysop. I WILL SYS YOUR OP!!!!!!!!! - Mathfreak231

My name is spelled with an n, thank you very much. - kenny2scratch 2018

oi, I'm not a blockhead - kenny2scratch 2018

there we go. No one can kill the lul - Geforce 2018

Face with tears of joy - Narrator 2017

I think I'm going to stick with my programming job rather than move into agriculture - jvvg 2018

You have selected Microsoft Hazel Desktop - English (Great Britain) as the computer's default voice. - Narrator 2018

The noblest art is that of making others happy. - Phineas Taylor Barnum

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else. - Phineas Taylor Barnum

I also am a bureaucrat, so that means I first and foremost, be a Wiki community article, and help to improve the Wiki - jvvg 2019


I would like to give credit to these people:

jvvg For the mouse pointer dialogue (I couldn't think of its name xD), the header at the top, deleting a page I made :P, protecting my archive(s) and the border around my page.

ErnieParke For helping me a lot and accepting my request.

st19_galla For the thing that redirects you to your userpage and not the image file.

KrIsMa For the colours in my signature and the base for the header