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Welcome! I'm Aidan! I have been a user on Scratch for 3 years. I joined the Scratch website on June 16th, 2007, but only joined the forums much later, in February 2010. I have since accumulated a post count of more than 2000 posts, and I am on the list of 100 highest posters in the main forums.

About Me

On Scratch On the Scratch website, I have more than 200 projects and have commented more than 2500 times! I go on the forums a lot, but also program. I make a wide range of project types (math, animation, games, etc...), and consider myself medium-level in programming. I was referred to Scratch at a conference with my 5th Grade teacher.

On the Wiki I started the wiki a while ago, and have since made more than 100 edits.

In Real Life My first name is Aidan, I was born in 1998, and I am in 8th Grade. My hobbies are karate, video games, going on the computer, and watching Hetalia. I go on Scratch a lot, as well as NationStates, Cheezburger, and my own site, Octopode.