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Welcome to my Page on the Wiki

I'm just going to tell you some stuff you should know about me

About Me

I'm a normal, smart 8 year old girl. I love coding, swimming gymnastics, and much more. Sorry, if it's like I'm trying to show off when I say I'm smart. It's just that I skipped a grade and I'm still the smartest in my class.

Contacting In Scratch

You can find me at my...

  1. Scratch account, just search up Gifted_Mess in scratch, my new account.
  2. My talkpage, located in my signuture.


My favorite...

  • My favorite food: Fettuchi Alfredo.
  • My favorite dessert: Boston cream dounuts with chocolate frosting.
  • My favorite color: Orange Red.
  • My favorite scratcher (sorry if it's not you): MistyRain17.
  • My favorite subject in school: Social Studies.

Extra Stuff

I'm new on this wiki, though I have been on it long. I just learned how to use it correctly, so yeah. You can feel free to post anything on my talkpage, as long as it's not against the guidelines, and is not really in my age range. I can handle stuff up to eleven or twelve years old.


I think I have gotten everything. If you know me on scratch, or in real life, feel free to tell me on my talk page anything I missed, as long as it isn't to personal.
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