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Hey there! This is where I add jokes, puns, fake news and all that. You can add jokes here when you want, but I might remove it if I don’t really like it.


1:Why do chicken coops have 2 doors? If they had 4 it would be a chicken sedan.

2:What metal is part of the police force? Copper.

3:Which mammals like to be in an orchestra? Orcas.

4:What burger is found on roads? Big Macs.

Word of the month


Monthly fake news

=Monthly Pun=

→Issue 1 March 76, 3794

•Announcement: welcome to the monthly pun, a digital newspaper providing monthly “news stories” and “data” from the Scratch wiki. We have 2 “stories” for this “issue”. Journalists are welcome to help! Weather reporters are needed too.

•Lately, many wikians have fled the Scratch Wiki due to attacks from Kaj’s Evil Kumquat armies. Many fires had caused over 30 articles and about 10 user pages to go up in flames. 3 articles were ripped up and eaten. A new site was created until the Scratch wiki was fixed and damages were restored. Before then, only one third of articles could be edited at the temporary site. The problem with it was that the community portal was that it was very hot, and ST articles caused a few fires. Luckily, WikiMonitor started putting out the fires and kept everyone safe.Story written by 78ch3. Story noted by 78ch3

Weather:We have a lot of weather reports going on, including snow on Friday in the north Eastern wiki. Here is the weather on the wiki for this week:

•Temperatures in Celsius (°C)

Work in progress unfortunately. Come back soon!

Weather warnings: southern wiki reaches its highest temperature in 4 years: 42. Schools will be closed and everyone must remain indoors. A Saturday blizzard will result in files becoming blocked off, as well as Thursday bringing low temperatures.

‘’’New home‘’’

A new wiki website has resulted in a lot of confusion. The ST are going to hand over to a User. We did not recieve the name because our journalist was eaten by an evil kumquat. The website will be 200% better, kumquat proof and unfortunately smelly. However, everyone will have deodorisers to freshen it up. Nobody is interested in the fresheners.

Thank you for reading this e-newspaper. We hope you had fun!