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Current MHS

The current MHS is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. You can visit it here!


Monthly Design Studio (abbreviated as MHS) is a program to help spread holiday cheer and encourage Scratchers to make creative and festive projects!

Each month, MHS Managers choose a holiday that is occurring that month. This could be as common as Christmas, or as crazy as Talk Like A Pirate Day! A studio is made to celebrate that holiday, and any and all Scratchers are invited to create a project for the studio that relates to that holiday.

At the end of the month, the current studio is closed and a new one is created.

All Monthly Holiday Studios are released on the 1st of each month and last until the final day of the month. On the first of the next month, comments are closed qne the next MHS is released. These studios are released on the Official Monthly Holiday Studio account. This account is manned by 54329. After the release, all MHS Managers are invited to the studio.

The Monthly Holiday Studio is headquarted in this studio. There, the MHS Managers and current MHS Curators discuss various things regarding the MHS. Scratchers are also welcome to ask questions about the MHS there.

What Do I Do?

Everyone is invited to create a project for the current MHS! The only requirement when creating a project is that it must follow the Holiday theme provided. (Ex: A project featuring a Heart would work for Valentine's Day.) Once done, post the link in the comments section of the current MHS. A MHS Manager or Curator will add the project to the studio!

Want to help out further? Help out by answering comments in the studios!

MHS Managers

The MHS Managers are Scratchers selected to help determine the upcoming Holiday themes and manage each studio. They add projects into the studio and can invite MHS Curators. To become a MHS Manager, you must have the Scratcher status and be active and helpful in the community. There is no official application form or anything of that sort, nor is there a guarantee that any individual Scratcher will be invited.

Current MHS Managers

Besides the main account, there are currently 6 MHS Managers. They are:

  • 54329
  • LaffytaffyWolf
  • PegasusHT
  • oriquack
  • Ninja-Super-Girl
  • jakel181

Past MHS Managers

This list includes everyone that used to be a MHS Manager, but are now retired.

  • ExplosiveThingy

MHS Curators

Scratchers that help out by responding to comments in the current MHS studio may be invited as a MHS Curator. They help out by adding in projects to the current studio and are invited to curate in the main studio for the duration of the month. At the end of the current Monthly Holiday Studio, the MHS Curators are removed from the HQ studio and are not invited to the next MHS. They can, however, be invited if they help out by answering comments again. You can view the current MHS Managers and Curators here.


The Monthly Holiday Studio program was created on October 24th, 2019 by 54329. Shortly after, LaffytaffyWolf, PegasusHT, oriquack, ExplosiveThingy, Ninja-Super-Girl and jakel181 were invited as the first MHS Managers. The first MHS took place in November of 2019 with the theme of Thanksgiving.

Past MHSs

Past Monthly Holiday Studios are (in order from newest to oldest):


Note Note: This is partly inspired by, but is in no way related to the SDS. No projects here will appear on the front page, nor is it endorsed by the ST or SDS Curators.
Note Note: This has no relation to the Mental Health Society in any way.