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Why hello there! Welcome to my user page!


About Me

Hello! I'm 54329, a pretty cool dude. Here are some fun facts about me:

In Real Life

  • I've been to 41 countries & 7 continents
  • I run cross country and track
  • I play golf and tennis
  • I'm male
  • I have 2 dogs (1 Chiweenie and 1 Maltese)
  • I have 4 siblings (but they're substantially older)

On Scratch

  • 2019 Scratch Camp Counselor
  • Scratch Welcoming Committee Reviewer
  • Past Scratch Design Studio Helper
  • Scratch Design Studio, Scratch Welcoming Committee, Propose Projects To Be Featured & Scratch Wiki Hebrew Translator
  • Scratch Wiki Contributor
  • 5 Stickies
  • MHS Manager
  • Forum Helper
  • TSS Owner
  • Ninja >:)

Want to learn some more about me? Feel free to ask on my talk page!

What I'm Working On

On The Wiki

On Scratch

Contact Me

Here are all of the ways that you can best contact me:

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