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Fun Facts!
  • Working on NOTHING
Me, 12944qwerty

About Me!

Me In Wiki

Joined on 11/19/2018 (mm/dd/yyyy)

  • I have made 1,268 edits
    • Apparently, the namespace with most edits is User talks...
  • Look at my Contribs
  • Scored 1155 Wikipediholic Test! (Either you're saintly or you have a lot of edits :P)
  • I made the {{link style}} template more complicated to make it plain as well as colored. You can find the template here.

Me in Scratch

Joined around Sep 28, 2015. If my stats do change, feel free to update it! :)

Quick Facts about me

  • Gen Z[3]
  • Left-Handed
American (aka others) Indian
10% 90%
  • I speak English and Gujurati[4][5]
  • I read English and Hindi[6][5]
  • I am a hufflepuff
  • Favorites:
    • Color: Black
    • Sport: Tennis
  • Know Python, HTML, CSS[7]
  • Want to go to MIT and be on ST![8]
  • 14 yrs
  • Time Zone: CST

Thank You

  1. Kenny2scratch for accepting me into Wiki!
  2. Jakel181 for helping me out!


  1. WHY!!! WAAAH
  2. I am planning to
  3. https://www.careerplanner.com/Career-Articles/Generations.cfm
  4. English is what I learnt at school, Gujurati is my mother tongue
  5. a b Thinking of learning chinese
  6. English is what I learnt at school, Hindi I am learning a bit
  7. going to start learning javascript & java when I am done with python
  8. YAY!

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