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When most obsolete blocks appear in newer versions of Scratch, this block appears (even if it's not a stack block)

Obsolete Blocks are blocks that were removed in later versions of Scratch. You can resurrect these blocks by using the Shift-Click-R method. Most of the resurrected blocks don't work, but the strech, abs, sq , and the point away from edge blocks do work.


There are a large amount of Looks type blocks that do not have a function, but have already been put into Scratch. The point away from edge block is glitchy and completely impractical - which is probably why it was cut from the final release.


There are many hidden blocks under 1.2, but the functions have not been completely explained. The start/stop movie blocks indicate that an experimental version of video support may have once existed.

These blocks can be found by shift-clicking the Scratch logo and clicking on "Show experimental blocks"

These are the hidden blocks in 1.2(.1):

  • Start movie
  • Stop movie
  • Change seconds by ()
  • Set seconds to ()
  • Change zoom by ()
  • Set zoom to ()%
  • Change horiz. pan by ()
  • Set horiz. pan to ()
  • Change vert. pan by ()
  • Set vert. pan to ()
  • Change fade by ()
  • Set fade to ()%
  • Set fade color to []
  • Camera motion
  • Camera direction
  • Camera relative x
  • Camera relative y
  • Camera absolute x
  • Camera absolute y
  • Track motion
  • Track color
  • Auto calibrate red