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This article is about projects made by Scratchers to teach new users how to use something. For projects made by the Scratch Team, see Starter Projects.

A Tutorial Project is a type of project in Scratch that is designed to teach users how to perform a task or how to do something. Tutorials also may contain pre-made scripts or "templates" to help users create their own similar projects.

Some tutorial studios focus on helping people with Scratch, while other studios have tutorials that are about things other than Scratch, such as: language studios (an example), DIY studios (an example), and so on. The Scratch Design Studio has done two tutorial themes. The studios are viewable here and here.

Scratch Resources allowed tutorials to be uploaded as resources.


  • "How to" projects.
  • Projects about blocks.
  • Tutorials about modifications.
  • Tutorials about animating.
  • Tutorials about drawing.
  • Tutorials about creating games.
  • Tutorials about creating stories.
  • Tutorials about something you're doing outside of Scratch.
  • Tutorials on how to use various features of the Scratch Website.

Making Tutorials

Since tutorials are made for others to view, here are some key tips that will make the tutorial enjoyable and easy to understand.

  • Include steps in the tutorial so that viewers will find it more organised.
  • When creating a drawing tutorial, using features of the Scratch Website, or game-creating tutorials, try taking screenshots and Exporting and Importing them into your tutorial. With these visuals, people that might want to try the tutorial will have a better time understanding.
  • One may consider adding tips, fun facts, animations, or more creativity to the tutorial to make it more fun and attractive.
  • When creating a tutorial, one may want to have others read through it to see if it is easy to understand it. If it isn't, one will need to make some changes so that it is easier to understand it better.

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