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An image of the timer on the project display.

The Timer is a tool in Scratch that will record how much time has passed sine the last time a project was opened or the timer was reset.

Related Blocks

The two blocks related to the timer.

The timer is associated with two blocks, both found in the Sensing category:

  • Reset Timer: Sets the timer's value to 0.0
  • Timer: Reports the timer's current value

How it works

The timer works in the following ways:

  • Continuously counts upwards in tenths of a second
  • Cannot be paused or stopped
  • Shows seconds, not minutes or more - even when the current value is longer than sixty seconds
  • Resets only with a project opening or by execution of the Reset Timer block
  • Continues even when its project stops running


The timer is commonly used in projects that require a clock of some sort, such as racing projects (some users prefer a Variable, however). Other uses include: