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Things I'm Making and Creating
Forum ID: 29
Amount of activity: Moderate amount of topics and a moderate amount of replies.
Types of users who can post: All users.
Brief description: "Discuss things you are creating or exploring outside of Scratch, like art, music, programming languages, or crafts."

The Things I'm Making and Creating forum is a forum in the Scratch Discussion Forums where Scratchers can discuss what that they are working on, no matter the project's relevance to Scratch.

What the Forum Contains

The forum is for topics that discuss projects not necessarily related to Scratch — these include:

  • Projects written in other programming languages
  • Physical structures made in real life
  • Websites
  • Stories
  • Art sharing
  • User-created music sharing (must be appropriate)
  • Emoticons for use on the forums[1]
  • Building Things on Certain Websites


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The forum is rather active; many Scratchers enjoy sharing what they have made and viewing work from others. It tends to be slightly less active than the Things I'm Reading and Playing forum,[citation needed] although it originally was the more active of the two.[citation needed]

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