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This article is about the current Text Based Games Forums. For the previous Text Based Games Forums, see Archived Forums.
The Text Based Games Forums.
The Text Based Games Forums,[1] often known and referred to as the "TBG" for short, is a forum on the Scratch Website where Scratchers can play text-based games. The forum was opened in late October 2009 and has been gaining in activity ever since. However, with the release of Scratch 2.0, the forum will be shut down. It may continue on a non-Scratch website, with authentication against the Scratch Website.[2]


The forum's history started in the Inspiration and More section of the Scratch Forums. The games were filling the forum - to fix this, a forum was created for them on March 23, 2009. There, the Text-based Games continued to grow in popularity - they were becoming hard to moderate. A user asked if it should be suggested that the Text-based Games should be deleted - most users thought it was a joke, but when moderators started to agree with the suggestion, the suggestion was made. This led to the closing of the forum - on October 27, 2009, a new forum was made for the text-based games at a completely different place, with special moderators[3].

The opening of the Text Based Games Forums started off with much initial success, with many users joining. Nikkiperson2 and The-Whiz were selected as the moderators for the newly created forum[4]. Over time, however, many users left, and the forum was slowly becoming inactive. It rose up again in activity, but then nikkiperson2 was becoming inactive. She announced that she was too busy for Scratch and left in January, and resigned her moderator status.

The growth of the Text Based Games Forums led to the need of new TBG Moderators. Compounded with the fact that nikkiperson2 had resigned, a second moderator election took place.

The-Whiz announced the new moderator election in February 2010[5][6], giving users a chance to speak their case for being elected as a TBG moderator. A week later, the voting began, with 283 voters participating in the election. Chrischb and Vista4563 were elected, and were appointed as moderators the day after.

Some months later, WeirdF suggested that another moderator was to be chosen, as The-Whiz had become inactive. An election was soon held, with the intention of gaining one new moderator - however, it did not go to plan, with flames circulating in an amount of threads. The flames were killed, but then it was discovered that there were multiple cases of cheating in the voting due to Selectricity's anonymous form of voting. A final election was held, and only eighteen votes were counted in that one - it was swift, and all cases of IP cheating were uncounted. Due to a tie in the results, two new moderators were appointed: BulboGrubb and Survivorduck. After the election, The-Whiz was dropped from the moderator roster for idleness.

As of February 1, 2011, the TBGs were split up into two main sections: RPG and TBG. The RPG section contains all RPG games, and RPGs from the old section were moved.

TBG Description

When originally opened, the new TBG's description read Also known as Forum Games. This is an experimental category intended to contain this kind of threads to a particular section. But in the later months of 2010 it was decided this was out of date, considering the TBG not being experimental anymore, and so a change was suggested. The first alteration changed the description to simply A spin off from the Scratch-Forums. However, this too was not popular. Finally, Vista4563 made a thread[7] asking the TBG community to give their suggestions which greatly contributed to the final unanimous decision by the moderators, to change the description to: Also known as the TBGs, this is a forum intended to contain forum-based games. When the forum was split, it was changed to Text-based Games for TBG, and Role Playing Games for RPG.

Types of TBGs

There are several types of text-based games. These include, but are not limited to:

  • RPGs: role-playing games, e.g. "Flag RPG"
  • Rate the person above you: games where you must rate something posted by the user above you and post your own, e.g. "Paste!", where you paste whatever's on your clipboard and rate.
  • Count up: Games where you must count up until a user with a particular attribute (uses Firefox, or has an R in their name) posts. e.g. "Post to 50 before a Mod posts"

Important threads

There were many important threads in the forum, each of which playing their part in its history.

  • Welcome to the new TBG forums: Andresmh created this thread as a welcoming to all of the new users who would arrive during the TBG's time.[8]
  • Announcements: Originally created by The-Whiz, it was closed, then later removed due to a lack of announcements - an action slightly regretted once the second TBG election had arrived. However, it was later restarted.[9]
  • TBG Resources: Also created by The-Whiz, the thread was created to avoid a cluttered sticky area.[10]
  • TBG Guidelines: As Vista4563's idea, he posted guidelines to help others comprehend the rules - but prior to its release, others helped write parts of it. It explains and summarizes general forum etiquette.[11] A duplicate has since been posted in the RPG forum so it could be viewed from there.[12]
  • Questions and Suggestions: Created by The-Whiz, this forum led to the birth of featured games, and was a discussion point for the election. It also led to the change of forum signature requirements and began the second election in February 2010. It was originally specifically for suggestions, but was changed to allow questions as well.[13]
  • Featured Games: This forum is where games can be recommended to be featured. There has been a discussion on featuring RPGs, but there are far less of them. But the system was changed: now games are only featured if there is a suggestion during the week - otherwise nothing is done.[14]
  • Reminder about this forum: Due to several arguments, andresmh created a sticky in early March 2010 to remind users that if the arguments grew larger, the forum would have to be closed.[15]

TBG Moderators

The status that appears alongside a TBG Moderator's post.

The current TBG Moderators are:

  • Vista4563
Duration: 2/17/10 - present

Becoming a moderator with Chrischb after the second election, he started the tradition of "Operation: Cleanups" to help clean up the Text Based Games Forums.

  • BulboGrubb
Duration: 6/3/10 - present

Winning the final third election with a tie to Survivorduck, he was appointed soon after.

  • Survivorduck
Duration: 6/3/10 - present

Also winning the final third election with a tie, she was appointed as well.

  • cpumaster930
Duration: 2/18/12 - present

Winning the fourth election, he was appointed shortly after.

  • coppearlix
Duration: 4/7/12 - present

Just below cpumaster930 in the fourth election's results, she was appointed later.

Past Moderators

  • nikkiperson2
Duration: 10/27/09 - 1/23/10

Tied with The-Whiz in the first election, she enthusiastically begun helping users out, but realized she was getting too busy for Scratch. She has resigned from her moderator duties and is mostly inactive; she appears in the forum every month or so, and posts some projects.

  • The-Whiz
Duration: 10/27/09 - 6/3/10

Running in the first election, he won with a tie to nikkiperson2. He has stayed during many months of the TBG's time, creating most of the stickies and being an important figure in the Text Based Games Forums. He later became inactive and was eventually removed from the moderator roster.

  • Chrischb
Duration: 3/10/12 - present

Winning the second election, he and Vista4563 joined The-Whiz in the moderating team. Over two years later he retired so that he could have more time to concentrate on real life studies.

  • somelia
Duration: 4/7/12

Somelia was upgraded to the position of TBG Moderator completely by accident. Most users believe that, when coppearlix was upgraded to TBG Moderator, the Scratch Team member administering the change accidentally upgraded somelia as well.[citation needed] This was quickly resolved and did not result in any damage to the Text Based Games Forums.

Splitting the TBG Forum

There was much discussion about splitting the forum into two or more sections. Originally the suggestion was to split it into "RPGs" and "Other Games." This was enacted February 1, 2011, but instead of "Other Games", it became "TBGs".

Operation: Cleanup

These operations are started to keep the forum of a reasonable size, clearing it of unneeded threads closed to replies, threads with no responses, and the like. Currently there have been six completed Operation: Cleanups.

Operation: Cleanups involve doing the following things:

  • Deleting old, closed topics that aren't for reference (the reference topics are archived instead)
  • Removing spam from the forum
  • Moving threads to the correct forum

Users are encouraged to report anything which fits into the above categories, and in the second Operation Cleanup TBG Credits were being offered for those who report things to be deleted.

When the RPG forum was created there was an "Operation: RPG" asking users to report RPG threads in the TBG forum. Technically, this was not an Operation: Cleanup per se, but a means of adapting the RPG forum for casual usage. [16]

The last Operation: Cleanup thus far (dubbed Operation: Hexaclean) is the sixth Operation: Cleanup.

TBG Credits

TBG Credits[17] is an unofficial currency used in the Text Based Games Forums, started by the TBG Moderator Vista4563. It uses "c" as its symbol (eg. 450c). They are mostly used in TBGs, however some shops have also opened.

Credits were most popular in May to August 2010. Now unfortunately, the system is inactive as it was proving too difficult for the moderators to update. The owner of Credits is now making a website to combat this.

Ways to earn money

  • The first five applicants had received 500 credits each.
  • New applicants will receive 100 credits each.
  • On authenticating a game that will use credits, you will receive 100 credits extra to manage your game.
  • At your first transaction to the bank, you will receive a 50 credit opening bonus.
  • In some games that use credits, they are offered as rewards


  • When the amount of money in the bank reaches 100 credits, you will start receiving 50c interest monthly on the banked credits.
  • When the amount of money in the bank reaches 500 credits, you will receive 100c interest.
  • When the amount of money in the bank reaches 1000 credits, you will receive 200c interest.
  • When the amount of money in the bank reaches 5000 credits, you will receive 500c interest.


Alternate Currencies

The closing of the credits system did spark a new generation of currencies run by moderators and Scratchers alike. These included:

  • Coins[18] (Inactive)
  • Gems/Currency (Deleted)
  • Fakemony[19] (Inactive)
  • Jules/Jewels[20] (Inactive)
  • Tokens[21] (deprecated)
  • Pennies[22] (active)

As of September 19, 2011, Pennies has become the generally accepted currency, with the Credits Center website as its eventual successor.

Three File Games

Main article: Multi-File Games

Role-Playing Games, otherwise known as RPGs, are incredibly popular in the TBGs, and now have a cousin: the Three File Games, 3FG for short. Its origins come from the user wiimaster, who started the first. [citation needed] A 3FG only allows 3 users to play, each taking up a file. Separate threads would then be created for each file. However, some 3FGs are played in a single forum thread. Due to the clutter of many 3FGs expanding to more than 3 files, there has been a rule enforced saying that each MFG (Multi File Game) may only have up to 8 files. Also, each user may only have a total of 5 MFGs.[23]

New TBGers

Main article: New Scratcher Status#New TBGers

When a user joins the Text Based Games Forums for the first time, they obtain New TBGer status. They become TBGers in the same way as Scratchers on the Main Forums, although status in the Scratch Forums and Text Based Games Forums are unrelated.