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Clock.png This article or section contains information about a feature from a future version of Scratch that is unreleased and is subject to change. Please cite any additional info in order to prevent speculation.
Start Scene ()
Start scene.png
Category Events
Type Stack
Introduced in 2.0

The Start Scene () block is an Event block and a Stack block. It functions identically to the Switch to Scene () block, but the latter block is only available to the Stage, while this is for all sprites. This block is also similar to Broadcast (), because they both fire a user-driven event to start an action.


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

Due to the fact that the Switch to Scene () block works identically, this block can simply be replaced with the other.

switch to scene [scene1 v]

Example Uses

  • Starting a level
start scene [level1 v] // in a start button
when scene [level1 v] starts //in a sprite
go to x:(0) y:(0)
  • A game over message
start scene [game over v]
when scene [game over v] starts
  • Simply changing scenes
start scene [scene2 v]

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