A spambot is a computer program made or designed by a person or group of people to place spam messages or make a post have a high number of views within a short period of time. These messages are often commercial, but occasionally are posted for other reasons.

Characteristics of Bots

How to detect Spambots

Spambots can usually be identified by posting nonsensical jargon or external links not related to Scratch or the topic at hand in a discussion. Spambots are also known to have random usernames and often give out emails.

Where are Bot Messages mostly found?

Bot messages are most often found on the forums for their ability to post links and their standard design across the internet. This can make the forums most vulnerable to bots. In order to combat this, the Scratch Team has implemented the 60 Second Rule. However, bot messages can also occasionally be found in comments, studios, or projects.

Combatting Spambots

Note Caution: Do not reply to any messages posted by spambots. This creates more work for the Scratch Team. Simply report the messages.

How to Deal with Bots:

In the Forums

Report the post containing spam. If the bot has made several posts, report only one of them.

In Comments

Report any comments containing spam.

In Projects or other Profile Related Features

Report the offending item or alternatively 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of every page if there isn't a report button available for that item.

How Does the Scratch Team Deal with Bots?

The Scratch Team will ban the account and IP address that made the post, then delete all posts made by the bot.

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