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Note Warning: Loud music can damage hearing. Do not use loud music in projects.

A sound on/off button may be useful when making a game that has music or sound that can be muted or stopped.

To make a sound on/off button, one will need a sprite in the form of a switch. The switch must provide two costumes, one to represent when sound is on, and the other to represent when sound is off.

when gf clicked
switch costume to [sound-on v]

when this sprite clicked
next costume
if <(costume #) = [2]> then //assuming the second costume is "off" and the first "on"
set volume to (0)% //if now off, turn off the volume
set volume to (100)% //if now on, turn on the volume

This script can be modified to allow the volume to be changed.

Note Note: When using this script, the sound will still play, just be silent. Due to this, the sound will not continue to where it was when it was stopped. Making a script to do this is extremely difficult, and has been suggested to have a block added for it multiple times.[1][2][3]

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