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This article is about sounds in the Scratch Program. For blocks related to sounds, see Sound Blocks.

A sound is an item which one hears that can be played in a Scratch project, available by importing, Scratch's built-in sound library, or recording. Sounds are played by using the sound blocks, which control a sound's volume, tempo, and more.

Sounds and notes

All sounds played in a project are divided into two types: sounds and notes.

Sounds can be managed in the Sounds Tab.


Sounds are the items that are available only by importing or recording. These can be obtained in the "Sounds" tab, in which one can import, record, play, and edit sounds.

The following blocks control the playing of these sounds:


Main article: Notes
Notes can be controlled with a variety of blocks.

Prior to Scratch 2.0, notes were accessed by an MIDI system, which are varieties of notes built in to one's computer. However, since Scratch 2.0 runs on Adobe Flash, the MIDI sound library is uncapable of use, and therefore the Scratch Team had to create their own sounds library built in to the Scratch program. The following blocks are related to notes:

Accessibility of Sounds


To obtain these, one has to view the Sounds tab of a sprite/stage and select the Import button (which appears as a folder). The user will be able to import sounds from their desktop or varying locations, including a sound library that comes with Scratch.

Note Note: When a surround sound audio file is converted to mono, the surround channels are removed. This is due to Scratch's limitations with sound.


The Scratch 2.0 sound editor.
Main article: Sound Editor

Sounds can be recorded, imported, edited, exported and modified in the Scratch 2.0 sound editor. It provides simple options to edit an existing sound for many benefits. For more advanced options not within Scratch's, an external sound editor can be used, but it is not recommended to record music from other websites because this will make the recorded music really quiet.The best way to do it is to import music.

Uploading MP3 Bug

With an update to Scratch 2.0, there was also a glitch where you could not import MP3 files without the seconds being 0:00.00. A Scratcher named MeDiaMond, however, learned that you can use Audacity to convert these files to WAVs. However, many Scratchers do not have this program, which makes the glitch impassable for some people.

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