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The featured images should ideally be updated monthly, with suggestions from the community. EWs and admins, when updating the featured images, please remember to do the following:

  • Adjust the sizes of the images so that they look good on the front page.
  • Add the {{featured}} template to each image page.
  • Protect the image pages from uploading or moving (but not editing) for one month. For non-admins, please add the {{protect}} template to the images or ask an admin to protect them.
  • Create a topic on the Community Portal asking the community for new image suggestions.
Scratch User Interface
Scratch 3.0 Program.png
The Scratch 3.0 project editor.
Green Flag
Flag and Stop Sign - Flag.png
The green flag on a project.
Error#Project Crash
3.0 crash.png
The project crash screen.
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