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User contributions is a tool that quickly allows you to view the contributions of a specified user. You can view the contributions with 20 shown on each page, 50 shown, 100 shown, 250 shown, and 500 shown on one page. However, you can change the URL so you can get a custom number of contributions to display on one page. If a user has not made any edits yet, their contributions page will appear as a red link when being linked to. When you are logged in, if you click on your username in the top left corner, a link to your contributions is the 5th item on the drop down list, with only a log out button after it.


The user contributions tool is the third tool in the tool section, but it only shows up when you are on a user page. You can also find it at Special:Contributions, as it is a special page.

What it can be used for

  • Quick access. — It can be used for quickly accessing the user contributions page
  • Reading. — You can use this page to look at any edit by somebody, or to find out when they had some activity and when they didn't by looking at the dates the edits were made.
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