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This page keeps track of the changes we should make or are making to the Scratch Wiki. Feel free to add suggestions.

Possible statuses: suggestion (1), accepted (2), busy (3), done (4), cancelled (5)

General Tasks

This is a table for a list of general or broad tasks to be done on the wiki that don't fit any other category.

Description User(s) Status
Beautify and expand the ToC so it feels explorable. All plain pagelists should be avoided. Everyone 4 done
Rework our policy: throw away all rules and start from scratch with guidelines JSO, andresmh 2 accepted
Allow selection of default MediaWiki search for wiki editors JSO 2 accepted
Fix image uploads JSO 1 suggestion
Add images of, and document, Scratch 2.0 Everyone 3 busy
Add "added" and "removed" parameters to {{Block}} on block articles. Everyone 1 suggestion
Allow SVG files to be uploaded. JSO 1 suggestion
Create page for discussions for deleting articles Lucario621 1 accepted

Daily Tasks

This is a table for a list of tasks that can be done on a day-to-day basis or require continuous updating. For this reason, there is no user or group of users or status for any particular task.

Description User(s)
Fix or delete redirects from Special:BrokenRedirects. Everyone
Add links to pages from Special:DeadendPages. Everyone
Fix double redirects from Special:DoubleRedirects. Everyone
Categorize uncategorized categories from Special:UncategorizedCategories. Everyone
Categorize uncategorized files from Special:UncategorizedFiles. Everyone
Categorize uncategorized pages from Special:UncategorizedPages. Everyone
Categorize uncategorized templates from Special:UncategorizedTemplates. Everyone
Update Main Page/News and Scratch Wiki:Current Events and with the latest relevant news items by following the news updating guidelines. Administrators
Clear Scratch Wiki:Sandbox (except for the first two lines). Everyone
Delete pages in need of deletion. Administrators