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Note Note: Please revise and edit this!

The Conventions of Wiki Writing is a reference article used to summarize points all pages on the Scratch Wiki should conform to.


Article titles


Article titles should be chosen such that

  • The article title is short and concise.
  • All content in the article should be related to the title.

Any content on the article that does not relate in anyway to the title should be taken out, or the title should be changed to encompass the ideas of the whole article. This type of title change must be discussed in the Community Portal, to prevent deviation of the main idea of the article. Titles should not start with an article (a, an, the), a preposition, or have punctuation, unless it is a a direct name of something (for example, ITopic:Welcome to Your Local Block Library!)


Generally, all the words in a title (including the first word) should be capitalized, but only of

  • The word isn't an article or a preposition (of, on, in, etc. For example, Project Information and Help)
  • The page is a FAQ, in which case all of the words need not be capitalized.
  • The word is in brackets, for example,
  • The title relates to a Scratch block and the title has words that replace the actual word on the actual block, such as () is greater than () (block), replacing the greater sign with "greater than". The extra words should not be capitalized.

Blocks have no capitals, but titles relating to them must have capitals retaining to the rules above. For example, in the page Backdrop Name (block), instead of "backdrop name (block)", it must be changed to "Backdrop Name (block)".

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