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Note Warning: This page is very probably out of date. Try the issue tracker on GitHub. (Although you might still like to discuss bugs here before reporting them.)

This page is a list of bugs in the new 2.0 Block Plugin by blob8108.

The wiki usually lags behind the latest version of the plugin. Before reporting a bug, please test it on the plugin test page. If the bug doesn't happen there, then all you've found is that the wiki's out of date. Go bug scmb1 to update the wiki or something.

If you have a Github account, it'd be awesome if you could add the bug directly to the issue tracker.

Otherwise, click "Add Topic" at the top to add a bug. Be descriptive and give an example. Write the example here in a <scratchblocks> tag, sign with four tildes (~~~~), and also provide a link to the test page showing the same example. Thanks!

You can comment on a bug like you can on a talk page. Just remember to indent your post(s) and sign them.

The archive can be found here. Move finished discussions there.