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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of User:Dilek10. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.

Oh hey m8, welcome to Dilek10's ultim8 hut. We have 4-[1]
*Static noises*
*Also static noises*
"This thing is empty-"[3]
*Static noises has joined the server*
A little bit of Moni-[4]
*"Staticnoise.exe" file not found. Check the file name and try again.*
Oh, finally! It worked again. So welcome to my mine-[6] I mean, my house. Here, you can see these pretty interesting stuff:

  • An empty water bottle, ready to be yeeted to the trash can.
  • Memes that I hid from my mom
  • Peanut[7]
  • ROBLOX[8]
  • Minecraft[9]
  • Smalltalk-80[10]
  • Some big letters... specifically an E,[11] a C,[12] a B,[13] and an H.[14]
  • A Level-3 keycard[15]
  • A python, but it's... blue and yellow.[16]
  • Some random... coffee?[17]

OH SHOOT IT'S KAJ! Run, I'll deal with him.

All hail the semicolon! ;
  1. 2inappropriate4scratch
  2. Pro tip: Don't play that game it's 2spooky4every1
  3. Yeet!
  4. Also 2spooky
  5. ...Dirtbag?
  6. We are mining diamonds
  7. 1- It's a creature 2- DON'T TELL THIS TO THE E-11!
  8. IT'S FREEEE!!!!!
  9. Let's go to a place where- CREEPER Aw man
  10. I stole it from 1983
  11. All hail Lord Farquaad
  12. "Isn't that a programming language?"
    -Some random programmer
  13. *Rush B plays*
  14. *r/TheLetterH intensifies*
  15. I use it to save the d-bois
  16. print("Hello World!")
  17. And the python hates it. I think it's a java.