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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of User:Dilek10. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.

Well, Dilek10(Aka Dilek) is coming in 5 seconds.[1]
*Tick sounds for 5 seconds*
Hello! Dilek here! I'm interested on Steam[2], and I like oof memes.[3]
I am graduated from Academy of Scratch. In the exam S.S.E[4], I got a B- in art with SVE, C+ in animation, D in game/coding, and D- in Pen. I'm not a really successful student because I don't really practice, so I'll practice and take that exam again.[5]

File:My Broom I Guess (For April Fools) (Dilek10).jpg
This is my broom, Paintbrush Broom 2.0. It has dank memes! No, no no... it has a pretty good handling and speed.

Oh, I forgot to say I'm interested in magic, too! Alongside of my broom, I have a wand, I usually cast "All hail da semicolon" spell when I'm in danger. Wait... you are... Kaj! *Gets her wand and points at the target*[6]


You had a grat time....?
You're not actually Kaj. Sorry, I'll take you to my true page and you can get healed there.


  1. This idea comes from a montage parody.
  2. Hide/Save/Whatever your wallets kids, Steam Summer Sale incoming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Just kidding)
    -Roblox Noob
  4. It stands for"Scratch Scratcher Eliminations"! Y'all need to be ready! Get your books, get your blocks! We'll fight with other Scratchers! Wait, JK. "S.S.E" stands for "Scratch Skill Examinations".
  5. I'll take different subjects too!
  6. And it's you, Kaj!