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The Scratch Team is a group of evil fluffy kittens that are in charge of the Scratch Website. Their stated goal is to keep improving Scratch and keep the website safe, but everybody knows that their real intent is to take over the world (see the "Functions" section below).


The Scratch Team's main function is to keep extracting energy units from the website. Whenever someone writes a project, it creates between 0.343 and 37.561 energy units (depending on the complexity), and the Scratch Team extracts 100% of them. Eventually, once they receive about 267.83 million energy units, they will have enough to take over the world. Because of this, the Scratch Team wanted to create a new program called the Scratch Helper Groups which contain people who want to help the Scratch Team by helping people make complex projects and be able to get more energy units.


  • Lightnin, the evil boss
  • Everyone else, who carries out Lightnin's orders and all do the same thing so there's no point listing them


Some people have complained about the lack of diversity in the Scratch Team because they currently are all kittens. There have been suggestions to add bunny rabbits, but there has not been any response. It is reported that the one who made the suggestion had been banned for complaining.[1]


  1. bwahaha