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The Scratch Store is a store which you can buy items that can help Scratch Team dominate the world. It is also known to have the fast food chain "Henry's House of Ka-Boom"


Not all items are listed.

  • Scratch Cat Toy ($2.99 USD)(Cute.)
  • PicoBoard (How did it get here?) ($99.99 USD)
  • Slapstick ($1.99 USD)
  • Aslan the Narnian Lion ($499.99 USD)[1]
  • How to Take Over the World (book) ($19.99 USD)(Great)
  • Anti-Pac-Man T-shirt ($10.99 USD for smallest size, additional $1.00 for each bigger size)
  • Dominating the World For Newbies (book) ($9.99 USD)
  • Kaj the [s]Hedgehog[/h] Great (book) ($99.99 USD , you also get $99.99 USD back. Only can purchase one each year)
  • BLOOP shirt ($12.99 USD, additional $2.00 for each bigger size)
  • Tissues (cause fangirls and fanboys are all over Scratch) ($0.01 USD)
  • Wafflez ($1.99 USD for one)
  • Butterfingers BB's ($2.99 USD for one)
  • Sonic '06[2] ($59.99 USD)
  • Original Shamshung Processor ($19.99 USD)
  • Shamshung Super S2018A0 Processor ($60.00 USD)
  • Malware Creating and Spreading for Noobs ($40.00 USD)
  • Prodigy Math Game (basic) ($1.00 USD)
  • Prodigy Membership ($20.00 USD a month)

Henry's House of Ka-Boom

  • Chunky-styled June Pudding (tastes horrible, but is required to make any homemade food) ($0.05 USD) (Yuck.)
  • Sniz Shakes (Mmm... free goo) ($2.99 USD, $5.99 USD for premium taste)
  • Action Fries (This food is proven to be the #1 thing everyone likes, even it provides nutrients without harming your body in any way. Even beats Chum Fricassee) ($2.99 USD small, $3.99 USD medium, $4.99 USD large, $99.99 USD lifetime supply) (Yum.)
  • Prometheus Burgers (tastes like a combo of Big Mac, McRibs, and Tem Flakes. Very yummy!) ($9.99 USD)(I love them.)
  • Loopypops (tastes loopy) ($0.10 USD each) (They taste great.)
  • The Off-beats soundtrack ($9.99 USD, $19.99 USD for deluxe)


  1. Because Narnia time runs a billion times faster than this world's time, this will be shipped to you in a nanosecond.
  2. What the Scratch Team used to give