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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Scratch 1.1. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
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This is how Scratch 1.1 looked like

Scratch 1.1 was an ancient version of Scratch released only one gobosecond after Scratch 1.0, when the Scratch Team noticed the community was upset about Scratch 1.0 being too slow based on very old source code (which was provided by the Ancient Bandage Exhibit around 5000 BC).[1] Scratch 1.1 could only run on Shamshung OS and Vanura 1000 BC.

Scratch 1.1 served as a major update to Scratch before it was succeeded by Scratch 1.2.[this info might be a giant lie and confuse you and everybody else in the multiverse]

Differences from Scratch 1.0

What's New

  • The source code was updated to the Scratch Team's own source code (instead the ABE's source code, which was outdated). Scratch 1.1 was a bit slower than 1.0
  • The interface was updated to match the new source code, becoming more cat-friendly and less human-friendly
  • Projects made with this version of Scratch produce significantly more energy units[2]
  • Some features were updated to match the Community Guidelines, especially the Reject remix culture part
  • Many blocks were removed,[3] while a bombard of new blocks was introduced to replace the removed ones. Some of the blocks were completely disfunctional,[4] while many worked the same as each other (not the removed blocks)
  • Pico created a variable called my variable because he was greedy. This was reverted in 1.2, but readded in 3.0

What's Old

  • Everything, excluding everything

Annoying References

  1. The Ancient Bandage Exhibit had no plans on updating their source code at that time, with the second version of the code being released 2022 years after Scratch 1.1.
  2. In comparison with Scratch 1.0 projects (which only 3.5% of energy units could be extracted from), up to 40% of the energy units could be extracted from Scratch 1.1 projects.
  3. This is the primary reason why the community didn't like Scratch 1.1 that much.
  4. Mainly to annoy users.
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