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The Scratch Forums
The Scratch Homepage

The Scratch Website is the official Scratch website - users can upload their projects to it, view other users' projects, communicate in the Scratch Forums, view the Front Page, and much more - it is a very large place.

It houses the Scratch Community; every user has their own profile page. It is extremely customizable - other users can be added as friends, galleries can be created, and projects can be deleted. Other users' profiles can be viewed as well.


The early Scratch Website was much smaller, as it housed a smaller community. Example differences are that the Front page contained far less rows, the forums were few, and pages were overall far differently viewed. One could argue that more views were given back then, as there were fewer Scratchers to choose from; or that there were less views - fewer Scratchers, fewer views.


The structure of the website has changed over time. New features such as Scratch Design Studios were introduced, along with entirely new areas such as the Text-Based Games Forum. There has been renovation as well; such as an entire change to the Front Page (also allowing a row specifically for curators) or forum changes (archiving, creation).


The site has grown largely over time. It has reached a count of over one million projects, and is nearing a count of five-hundred thousand users. All areas of the site are growing, and will most likely continue to do so - the site is showing no signs of slowing down.


Below is a list of all main areas of the Scratch Website.

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