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The Scratch Suggestions logo.

Scratch Suggestions is part of the Scratch Website, where any member of the Scratch Community who is not a New Scratcher can contribute suggestions concerning what they feel could improve Scratch — be it new functions for Scratch 2.0, the main site and even the forums.


Each user gets 10 votes to vote on any idea that they think is a good one. When voting on an idea, the user can select whether they want to give an idea 1, 2 or 3 votes.


One can get back some votes if an idea that they voted on is deleted or completed. One can also change their vote on a submission.

Other users can see how many votes someone gave to a suggestion by the orange number on their profile picture when they leave a comment. One can also see how many average votes each person gave to a suggestion by looking on the right of the comments.


Users can also comment on other peoples' ideas. This can be used to praise the user's idea, to say that you can do it already, or the Scratch Team can use it to tell people whether the idea is accepted or completed.


There are 5 categories to view on the site. They are as follows:

  • Top Ideas — Suggestions that have the most votes
  • Hot Ideas — Suggestions that are getting a lot of activity in the form of comments and votes
  • New Ideas — The newest suggestions
  • Accepted Ideas — Suggestions that have been labeled:
    • Under Review — These are labeled dark gray.
    • Planned — These are labeled yellow.
    • Started — These are labeled green.
  • Closed Ideas — Suggestions that have been closed.
    • Completed — These are labeled purple.
    • Declined — They are labeled light gray.

More Information

For more information on Scratch Suggestions go here or here. The website itself is here. To discuss ideas you can visit the Suggestions Forum.

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