This page contains some tips to remain safe on the Scratch website. Remember to keep personal information private. Don't share your name, address, email address, phone number, or other personal contact information.

These tips can be expanded to all internet safety.

File sharing

Sharing music

  • When sharing music you created with Audacity, Garageband, etc., check to see if your name or personal information has been added on in the credits.
  • Mac OS X tends to put your name on Garageband projects. To clear this,
    1. Open GarageBand
    2. Open Preferences ⌘ Cmd+,
    3. Open the "My Info" tab
    4. Delete your name from the text boxes.
  • You can avoid this by changing your account's name to something that does not reveal any information.

Sharing images

  • When sharing images on the Scratch Forums, host the images on a non-personal domain. A personal family site is not a good idea.
  • Do not use your email to host them.
  • Do not use local file paths (i.e. file:///someone/somewhere/something.png or C:/Users/Yourname/Documents/image.jpg). They won't work and might give away personal information. Instead, upload images to one of these online hosts:
  • With an external paint editor, black out personal information from screenshots, especially screenshots of folders and file pickers which display your home directory's name.

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