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SandCastleIcon.png This article has links to websites or programs not trusted by Scratch or hosted by Wikipedia. Remember to stay safe while using the internet, as we cannot guarantee the safety of other websites.

This page contains some tips to remain safe on the Scratch website. Remember to keep personal information private. One would not share their name, address, email address, phone number, or other personal contact information.

These tips can be expanded to all internet safety.

File Sharing

Sharing Rule

With all shared items, including projects, comments, pictures, etc., make sure one would ask these questions:

  1. Would one want their parents to see it?
  2. Would one want their grandparents to see it?
  3. Would one want their worst enemy to see this?
  4. Would one want their best friend to see this?
  5. What would be ones reaction if it is printed on the front page of a newspaper?

Remember! Nothing one puts on the internet is safe. Once one puts it there, it doesn't belong to the person that posted it! Even if one deletes it, people can screenshot it, and it may be backed up on a storage system by someone else.

Sharing Music

  • When sharing music one created with Audacity, Garageband, etc., check to see if ones name or personal information has been added on in the credits.
  • macOS tends to put ones name on Garageband projects. To clear this,
    1. Open GarageBand
    2. Open Preferences ⌘ Cmd+,
    3. Open the "My Info" tab
    4. Delete ones name from the text boxes.
  • One can also avoid this by changing your account's name to something that does not reveal any information.

Sharing Images

See also: Image Hosting
  • Only share images of other people if one has permission from them.
  • Only share images of oneself if you have permission from your parent/guardian.
  • Do not use ones email to host them.
  • Do not use local file paths (i.e. file:///someone/somewhere/something.png or driveletter:\Users\Yourname\Documents\image.jpg) from ones computer. They will not work and might give away personal information. Instead, upload images to listed on Image Host
  • With an external paint editor, black out personal information from screenshots, especially screenshots of folders and file pickers that display your home directory's name. The regular Paint application that comes with Windows does not do this.

Online Friends

  • Please consider that if one wants to be completely safe, try to talk to those one only knows in real life. However, for those who don't have any friends that go online, talking to those you don't know in real life can be necessary for social engagement online.
  • Despite how much one is close to a "friend", never agree to meet up in real life. The "friend" might be a predator!
  • Sharing personal info, such as full name, street address, and phone number, is never a good idea.

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