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About: Scratch month was an extended celebration of Scratch [Day], taking place in May 2020, when scratch turned 13. Themes: Each week, the scratch team shared several studios, which were featured on the home page. All scratchers were invited to create projects based upon the themes. Theme History: Week 1: Recycling Bin Crafts Make fun things out of stuff you find in your recycling bin!

Share the Love Let’s get together and share the love! It’s a great time to remind someone how much you care about them.

Avatar Creators Who doesn’t love making personalized avatars? Make an avatar creator for other people to play!

Week 2: How Do You Peace Out? Design projects that help you and others feel calmer.

Interview Anything Try interviewing something, like a piece of play-doh, a penny, a plant, a pet, or even a person.

Spiraling Sprite Art Create mesmerizing kaleidoscopic animations from a single sprite!

Week 3: Boredom Busters Projects that make life easier… or more fun… or more weird.

20-Second Hand-Washing Jingles Share a 20-second activity you can do to make sure you’re washing your hands for long enough!

Week 4: Celebrate Scratch turns 13 this month! In the final week of Scratch Month, create a project and celebrate Scratch in your own way!

Chain Reaction Make a real or imaginary ball travel from one place to the next. How will it move? Where will it go next?

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