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The current Scratch logo.
The previous Scratch logo.

The Scratch Logo is the image shown in the upper-left corner of all parts of the Scratch Website.


In the Scratch 1.x project editor the logo looks different. It is gray, to fit in with the color theme of the menu bar.

The Scratch Wiki and Scratch Resources sites have edited logos, as they are not part of the main website.

The text of both the word "Scratch" and the lower word are done in the Scratch Font.

Holiday Logos

An example holiday logo, shown on Christmas 2009.
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Much like Google, Scratch occasionally showed a modified version of their logo, containing a theme that suited a particular event. Users were free to submit logos if they followed the qualifications below:

  • The logo has to contain the word "Scratch".
  • The dimensions of the logo should be 198 by 60 pixels.

If the Scratch Team liked a logo, it was shown on the Scratch homepage on its respective holiday, where users across the world could view it; however, starting around Thanksgiving 2010, the Scratch team stopped changing the logo as it gave them difficulty.[1]

On the Scratch Wiki

The old wiki logo.

The Scratch Wiki's original logo was of the Mediawiki logo. Mediawiki is the platform in which the Scratch Wiki operates on. Soon after, the official logo was changed to the text "Scratch Wiki" in Scratch font, but was later updated to the current image of the Scratch Cat on the puzzle globe, appearing at the top-left of all pages.

New Years 2014

The New Years Wiki logo.

For New Years in 2014, the Scratch Wiki celebrated by changing the logo temporarily to a New Years celebratory logo, created by the user turkey3. It was slightly modified with fireworks and Gobo hidden in the background. It was put up on January 1, Scratch Time, but on New Years Eve in some time zones. The logo stayed up for almost a week and on January 5 was reverted back to the normal logo.



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