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Scratch Helper Groups
Amount of activity: Low amount of topics and a low amount of replies.
Types of users who can post: Only Scratch Team members and Scratch Mentors can create topics. Everyone, though, can post.
Brief description: "A place for members of Scratch Helper Groups to coordinate and discuss topics related to their groups"

The Scratch Helper Groups forum is a forum in the Scratch Forums where Scratch Helper Groups collaborate on the groups that they are in.

Similar to the Announcements forum, it can be viewed by anyone, but only the Scratch Team and Scratch Mentors can post new topics. Scratch Mentors are allowed to moderate the forum, which means they can delete posts and do other moderator tasks.[1] It is recommended not to post on this forum unless the post is related to the Helper groups.


The forum has little activity due to the fact that the forum is new, only Scratch Team and Scratch Mentors can create new topics in this forum, and not many people are in the Scratch Helper Groups.

What the Forum Contains

The forum contains the following five topics.

  • Scripts Team Discussion & Resources is a topic used for discussing things about Scripts Team.
  • Scratch Helper Groups is about the rules of the forum.
  • [Scripts Team] Help with Helping is a guide for Scripts Team member.
  • [Scripts Team] FAQ is a topic containing some frequently asked questions in Scripts Team.
  • [Scripts Team] Script Helper Stories is a topic used for discussing positive stories of helping in Scripts Team.


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