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What the font looks like in black.

The Scratch Font is the font used in the Scratch Logo and all associated indicia. It can be downloaded here.

The font was included with versions of Scratch prior to Scratch 1.3. It is also available in Scratch 2.0. Strangely, it wasn't in Scratch 3.0 for unknown reasons.[citation needed]

This font was not created by the Scratch Team;[1] it was created by a non-Scratch user, Jakob Fischer (known as pizzadude on the website the font was from)[2], as "Black boys on mopeds".

Use in Web Pages

This font can be used in a web page with the font ScratchFont, if ScratchFont is installed. Otherwise, it shows up in the default font.

<span style="font-family:ScratchFont;font-size:28px;">
   This is in the <b><span style="color:orange">Scratch Font</span></b>. <b>Bold</b> and <i>italicized</i> text is possible.
Note Note: The Scratch font must be installed to see the above text properly. Otherwise, it will show up in one's browser's default font.