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[[File:Scratch Design Studio 2.0.png|thumb|400px|The Scratch Design Studio section on the Front Page.]]The '''Scratch Design Studio row''' (formerly '''Projects from Scratch Design Studio'''), also abbreviated as SDS row, is the section on the [[Front Page]] that shows [[project]]s from the current [[Scratch Design Studio|Design Studio]]. It displays a random selection of projects from the studio each time the page is loaded.<ref>{{Forum Archive|50277|page=2|p=607619}}</ref> Projects are added by Scratch Design Studio curators, but only after they have been approved and deemed appropriate for the current design studio.
This section is the fourth row from the top.
The current theme is [https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/4432377/projects/ Gobolympics].
==See Also==
*[[Scratch Design Studio]]
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