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* puppymk
* puppymk
* fmtfmtfmt2
* The_Grits
* Stevetheipad
* speakvisually ([[Scratch Team]]] member)
* Lightnin ([[Scratch Team]] member)

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An SDS Curator, or Scratch Design Studio Curator, is a curator selected to add projects to the Scratch Design Studio.

List of SDS Curators

All Scratch Designs Studios are created by the account ScratchDesignStudio.

The following users are then made curators of the studio:[1]

  • taranir (Scratch Team member)
  • jji7skyline
  • joletole
  • technoboy10
  • puppymk
  • fmtfmtfmt2
  • The_Grits
  • Stevetheipad
  • speakvisually (Scratch Team] member)
  • Lightnin (Scratch Team member)


The duties of a Scratch Design Studio curator are to review projects that are submitted in the studio's comments. They have to check if the project fits the studio's theme before adding it.

Curators also have to answer questions other users have about the Scratch Design Studio.

Another duty is helping to choose themes for future studios.

Becoming a Curator

Scratch Team member taranir made a project explaining how you could become a curator of the studio. It said:

Be friendly, thoughtful and polite.

Comment often, and constructively.

SDS curators have to answer hundreds of comments, not just add projects. This includes answering various questions about Scratch and SDS, or making constructive comments about projects. You can show that you fit the role by making helpful replies to comments like these!

Be reliable, and commited.

We need curators that will be active and dedicated for at least a few months. They should also let us know if they'll be inactive for long periods of time or need to step down. Real life and school comes first, but you shouldn't ask to be an SDS curator unless you know that you'll be able to check in and add a few projects a couple times a week.

SDS curators are chosen when we see people doing all these things in the community. There is currently no application process, but you can be invited to be a curator by giving great, constructive feedback to submissions over a long period of time.

– taranir, Scratch Team member [2]

See Also


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